Tuesday, December 8, 2015

2015 Reflections

Wow...interesting year. 2015 went by so quickly.  Here I am reflecting once again on my life over the past year (yes, I know I have a few days left).  It is always interesting to go back and read these just to see where my head and heart has been through.  Overall I live a darn good life...not perfect but still good.  
In February my property management company overseeing my second home in Atlanta found my first tenant.  After about a month the issues began.  The first sign of trouble was when I received utility bills for the month of February.  The new tenant had not changed over the water, gas and electrical service in her name.  I presumed it was a mere oversight on her part.  This was the beginning of several months worth of drama that included late or no rental payment, court and finally eviction that took place in July.  While I do not regret purchasing the home the unforeseen expenses incurred were a bit much.  However, I was glad that I had a property management company that was handling everything.   At the beginning of September a new tenant was procured paying 6 months rent in advance...hallelujah .  

Just several months prior I was riding high and planning my life, I hit a bit of brick wall.   On March 2nd at approximately 8:30 pm I took the bold step of ending my 18 month relationship. This was not done on a whim but only after conversation that indicated he was no longer willing to work and invest in the relationship.   I questioned how we got to this place for some time, however, while I mourned the loss I did not regret my decision.  I do take ownership for my part in the dissolution of the relationship.
As the year progressed good news sprouted.  Cheryl and Fred, had a house/Villa built in Houston. The house is simply gorgeous and well deserved.  Close to Terrence and Teresa and most importantly their grandsons.  I was able to attend the wonderful wedding of my nephew to his beautiful bride Angelia.  I had the opportunity to meet her weeks prior to the blessed event and I can't be happier for the both of them.  I wouldn't miss it for anything in the world.  The wedding was held in his home and the reception in the back yard...tent.  Not just any ole tent either.  When my nephew does it...he does it right!!!   Air-conditioned and decorated elegantly.    The ceremony and reception were both beautiful.  I wish Angelia and Terence all the happiness that life has to offer. 
I lost my beloved aunt (Esther) on September 21st to cancer unfortunately.  On top of that my first cousin (Alice) passed away unexpectedly the following Friday, September 25th.  These two deaths were a huge blow to the family.  
 Three cousins I have never met and I got together to organize a family potluck so we can at least meet those members that we don't know.  There was a lot of laughs and fellowship in the room.  I am very glad that I was able to be a part of it.  It was a beautiful event and we had tons of food. Hopefully this will lead to a huge family reunion in the very near future.

As I looked over my life I began to question why some things kept occurring.  I decided to attend counseling.  This has been a good investment for I am finding out things about myself that I either denied or never recognized.  I want to be a better Ronald for myself and the next person that enters my life.  To be honest I am enjoying my weekly sessions.  I know it will not be forever but for now I am embracing the "AHA" moments.   
I have done quite a bit of traveling this year....whew...mostly to Atlanta.  I have spent more than my share of time in airports and hotel this year.  However, my vacation was spent in Cancun this year (November 14-19).  The temperature was in the mid 80's.  I had never visited Cancun and did not know what to expect.  I really enjoyed myself and found the city clean and overall affordable.  I also did not feel unsafe at all.  I went on a tour to one of the seven wonders (Chichen itza).  Often referred to as the Mexican pyramids.  It was fascinating.  The other days were spent on the beach facing. The Gulf of Mexico with sun tan lotion, music and a margarita. Yes, I did return with a nice brown tan!!!  I couldn't think of a better way to enjoy my time. 

Thanksgiving was spent in Houston with family.  It has been quite a few years since I have done that post the passing of my dad.  It felt good to be with Cheryl, Fred, Terrence, Teresa, Angelia, Kyle, Cameron, Myles, Dylan, Grey and Kyle 2.0.  It is great to see my great nephews growing up.  I am blessed to have such a loving and supportive family.  I have no major plans for Christmas and New Year's....other than making a pot of gumbo and chilling.

I have made some new friends this year and acquaintances this year and I have loved them all.  Some have caused me some challenges where I have had to cut them out of my life; something the old me would never have done because I always wanted to be kind.   I have laughed to the point of tears with friends old and new.  Each person that has entered my life has blessed it in some way and I am thankful for their entrance and in some instances their exit (yep I said it).  Some friendships/relationships have had to be refined and redefined but it is all good that is called growth.  I look back on 2015 and smile joyously. 

Looking forward to some pending changes planned for 2016...stay tuned.   All that I am and have I owe it to God.  Without Him I would have lost my mind in some of my life challenges or been too selfish in the joyful moments.    "In everything give thanks."