Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Michael Jackson...Forgiveness

There is one thing that we all have in common and that is the fact that we were all put on this earth for a limited time. I was reminded of that with the recent death of Michael Jackson. Hearing of his passing saddened me for I truly was looking forward to him performing those 50 concert dates and silencing his critics. It is a shame that in his death we have decided to embrace him and give him the love he so desired from us as his fans while he was living. The press found it financially rewarding to chisel away at the pedestal that they placed him on only to see that he was human and had feelings. While it was widely reported that he did some things that most of us would consider strange or awkward what was never reported was his brilliance as a business man. He was not just a great performer but an excellent business man. To have purchased a huge publishing catalog (unheard of in the music industry for that is where the wealth is built) spoke volumes for just how intelligent he was in business. I do feel that finally Michael Jackson can truly rest for he did not have the peace on earth that he deserved.

Growing up I never wanted to be Michael Jackson or emulated his moves on the stage. However, I did marvel at his talents and tried never to miss any of his television performances. His death left me with a sad feeling for from where I sat I felt he only wanted the world to embrace him, however, all that we did in North America was celebrate his reported strange behavior. Death can be unexpected or should I say untimely as we see it. However, I submit to you that you should not allow any harsh feelings to make their home in your heart for in the blink of an eye you or that person whom you have not forgiven will be gone. You will look back and think of how small the issue was that caused the harsh feelings.

As I close I will share this personal experience with you. One year my then partner and I were having a rough time in our relationship. His niece was graduating from Xavier University in New Orleans so we along with his sister and nephew got in the truck and started our drive from Chicago (approximately 14 hours). Well, I was still a bit bitter about something that had been done to me and while I loved him I was rather salty and unforgiving. If any of you have driven to NO you will know that there is this long bridge that goes over a body of water that you have to go over as you approach the city. Prior to approaching the bridge I turned the driving over to my partner. Well, as I set in the back seat behind him as he drove us in I was looking out of the window into a clear but dark sky. Everyone was quiet and clearly the voice of God spoke to me and said “You should forgive him for I have forgiven you”. I immediately sat up and was struck with an overwhelming feeling that has stayed with me now some 12 years later. I have never forgotten the message or the lesson. I am never too big or bold to admit my humanness and mistakes. Do not allow time to catch you in an unforgiving moment. God is watching.