Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Wendy Williams = Ignorance

Today in the “Did This Heffa Really Just Say That?”category, I  read an article and watch a video reported on The Grio of talk show host, Wendy Williams.    She does a special segment of her talk show called “Hot topics” where she talks about current pop culture news items.   She has a reputation for being over the top and makes comments generating shock and awe.  She took to her program to comment on the acceptance speech of Jesse Williams where he espoused black people to be have an activist nature to demand respect in this country.   The annoying thing about her comments was where she made the following statements:   “I would be really offended if there was a school known as a historically white college.”  “What if there was a national organization for white people only?”  

I asked myself, how a black woman can make such asinine statements.  Now while I am not a big fan of her, I immediately thought of her comments as a fucking disgrace.   How can you be a black mother of a black young man (teenager) and not understand the meaning or history as to why we as black citizens of this country have HBCU’s and black organization such as the NAACP?   The very utterance of this statements pissed me the fuck off.  She is an embarrassment to everything I know and love about black women.  To let that shit fall from your lips just confirms how fucking stupid she is.  Maybe her breast implants are leaking and the silicone has traveled to her damn brain.  Regardless there is NO DAMN EXCUSE for this public bullshit. 

What is it that she does not get?  There is no reason or excuse for such ignorance.  I wish that Jesse Williams or Harry Belafonte or even Oprah would give this motherfucker a lesson in black history.    I see no reason to take time to note the obvious to correct her ignorance by explaining why there are HBCU’s as well as organization like the NAACP.

Recently there has been a petition being circulated on social media asking for Shonda or ABC to remove Jesse Williams from his role on Grey’s Anatomy.   However, I would like to propose that we start a petition to have the Wendy Williams Show cancelled removing her black ignorant ass from television???!!!

"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity"  
                                                                                                               ----Martin Luther King, Jr.