Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Iconic Burden

Every parent desires nothing but the best for their child.  I am sure it is universal that parents raise their children with the goal of each child growing into loving, productive, self-sufficient members of society.   After reading the news recently I believe we, especially us in the African-American community, are thinking where what the hell is going on with the children of Martin and Coretta.   The fact that Martin III, Dexter and Bernice are possibly going back to court to begin yet another battle is disheartening. 

I can’t image what it would be like to grow up as the child of iconic parents.  I am sure that this could not be easy living your life in a fishbowl where the entire world is looking to see if you are going to be like your parents or slip up by making a public mistake and receiving immediate judgment passed upon you and your character for that one incident.    To be born to Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta Scott King must have had it shares of blessings and curses.  Martin and Coretta while they were very human they were also much respected not only in this country but the world.  Now that they are both deceased we the public expect their children to live respectable lives and to some degree continue to carry the torch of justice and activism.   I have begun to ask myself is that a valid and justified request and burden to lay at the feet of the King children. 

Over the past several years we have heard some rather disturbing stories about the battles that the siblings have been having in regard to the legacy of their father.   They have been taking each other to court over intellectual property (name, image, recorded voice and memorabilia) and now they are back in the news.  Only this time it is being reported that the brothers want to sell their father’s Nobel Peace Prize as well as his bible.   Why aren’t these items on loan to the Smithsonian?  What is it that is really at the root of all this contention between the siblings?    It would be so rewarding to see Martin, Dexter and Bernice united to fight to keep guard over the legacy of their parents instead they are fighting each other in the public arena like they are toddlers.   I personally can’t get past the idea that what I would consider a priceless item they APPEAR to not value what they possess. 

We will never know the true underline issues that seem to continue to bubble over between the King children.  Actually I don’t want to know, I just want the court battles to stop and for them to see the non-monetary value of the MLK items they own.