Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Turn It Up...That Is My Song

Often times a song will embrace our eardrums and we immediately will say…Turn it up…that is my song. In doing so we get wrapped up in the song able to recite all of the lyrics that we seem to in some way, shape, form or manner relate to. Hearing the music appears to be a cultural thing with those of us that are of African heritage for our ancestors communicate distant and important messages through the beat of a drum, the chants in the cotton fields or the hum coming from big mama’s kitchen. In some manner we all seem to have the music thread sewn in our DNA. However, at times we turn down the volume of the voice of God telling us in no uncertain terms that we should go left instead of right. However, we go left anyway and defiantly turn down the volume to the song that God is playing in our ears. We tell ourselves this is not a song we want to hear for it is not meeting the needs we feel at the time. However, turning down the volume to God’s prophetic words of advice are also going against the grain of our cultural upbringing. Just think of our ancestors and how often, I am sure, they were told that they could never make it but the voice of God was singing the song of survival in their ears. Where would we all be if they turned down the volume? If they chose to “know better” than what that voice was telling them…the music that was being sung in the background. So when you hear that song/voice, say within to yourself…”Turn it up…that is my song” and I guarantee you that you will dance forever.